Learn How to Detect Grammar Mistakes Using NounPlus Grammar Corrector

Everyone knows the importance of English language. Since it is a global language, it has become an essential part of modern lifestyle. If you need to send email to your clients, boss and even customers, you need to write everything in English. In case of sending mail containing grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, you may lose your business, job and clients.

You surely won’t want to see losing your business or job. Thus, you need to use a perfect English grammar checker tool online such as NOUNPLUS. Here, you will be given information on how you can detect grammar mistakes using NounPlus grammar corrector.


Instructions on How to Use NOUNPLUS

If you are a first-time user of this exclusive free grammar checker tool online, you need to learn a few things. Learning how to use this free grammar and sentence corrector can help you improving your English writing skill. Before going into actual process, it is should be noted that it is a free grammar checker tool online. It can also be installed in your iPhone and iPad. Let’s have a detailed look on how to use this free grammar and sentence checker tool.

Should I Write Or Copy the Content?

You can do both. If you haven’t written a content or piece of writing, you can directly write it on the NOUNPLUS. You may also copy your already existing content on the grammar check to find out grammar errors. Since it is a free grammar and sentence checker tool, you won’t need to worry about word limit.


How to Detect Grammar Errors?

When you submit a certain amount of text on the given space on Noun Plus grammar checker, you will be given result in a few seconds. Now, you need to understand the red and green words. All the suspicious content or words should be colored either green or red.

Here you need to understand the difference between red and green. Red colored word means a major mistake. On the other hand green words simply means there could be any punctuation, spelling and sentence structure related issue. In order to correct the detected words with grammar, spellings and punctuation mistakes, you need to go through the suggestions. You simply need to replace the wrong words with suggested words.

What Is Auto-Correction?

Auto-correction here simply means correction of wrong spellings. It is often noticed that many individuals whether professionals or students write incorrect spellings. When you submit your content on the given space in NOUNPLUS, you are given suggestions to automatically replace your wrong spelling with right spelling.

Here one point should be kept in mind that different type of English has difference types of spelling rules. For instance there is great difference between British English and US English. You must keep this point in mind while using the exclusive features of Noun Plus.


Additional Tips

However, NounPlus grammar corrector has been designed using the innovative technology but it is not supposed to replace human mind. Therefore, it is suggested that you must go through its suggestions and try to learn them so that you won’t make same grammar mistakes in future.


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