Tools to improve your English grammar for students

Young as well as adult students learning and practicing writing and reading English must understand the indisputable value of English grammar. Language learning for non-native speakers has always been an intricate achievement but with sentence checkers and easier tools for better learning, the intricacy can be diluted.

The necessity and convenient of online English grammar checker for students

According to English grammar, when you are speaking or yourself or referring of yourself and of somebody else as well (in the same sentence), you should always speak their name before yours. For instance, Alice and I were having lunch when she got called for an emergency. Often, students end up mixing myself, me and I but the rules make it incredibly easy to use these pronouns. Sentence checkers operate on these rules for testing the pronoun placement, verb agreement (writing Alice and I am/was having a lunch would be incorrect), etc.

Online English grammar checker for students are programmed to check against the most commonly committed errors such as using they’re in place of their or invite instead of invitation, etc. Often, students write myself in their introductory text such as myself Adam and this is my mate, john. But using myself in such a manner is not just wrong but also widespread so the sentence checker points out these mistakes and makes it easy for the students to learn the right ways of expressing their thoughts in most articulate manner without ruining the grammatical accuracy.

The problem of when to use who and when to use whom is another big commonly seen grammar issue. While who is reserved for application to subjects, whom is reserved for reference to objects. Even abbreviations aren’t left out of the grammar conundrums as many are confused by the meanings and application of i.e. and e.g. Both of which mean that is (id est.) and for example (exempli gratia) respectively. Another common grammar error is the application of a full stop at the end of a sentence written in a bullet point or as a numbered sentence.

For instance (incorrect)

  1. Free online English grammar checkers paving way for diy language learning.


  1. Free online English grammar checkers paving way for diy language learning

Similar common troubles are witnessed everyday through inaccurate usage of continual and continuous, may and might, farther and further, envy and jealousy, lay and lie, etc. Whether a student is a 3rd grader or a 50 year old enthusiast, sentence checkers won’t only detect the inaccuracies well but also offer the right solution. trial and error has always been a practical and creative solution of learning new things but the sentence checker tools have brought the age old method to a whole new high. These checkers not only enable an improved mechanism for learning English easily and better but also make even native speakers get better through the all inclusive grammar framework capable of detecting every sight error.

In person and group checking by users through such sentence checkers on regular intervals will make it easy for them to learn and develop their language craft.


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