NOUNPLUS – Best Grammar checker Tool for English

A West Germanic language that has now become the lingua franca, English has been around for centuries. A total of sixty sovereign states have English as their official language and the language is widely spoken in most developed countries, making it a must for anyone aspiring for a growing career in growing markets. English is not just a common native language but also a second language of numerous countries and broadly spoken by major populations of Asia, South Asia, Australia, etc. United Nations, European Union, and numerous other organizations have English as their official language. So the necessity of being able to speak English and understand it at the same required a level of expertise. You don’t have to be a linguistics   professional to speak impeccable English because simple practice of the fundamental rules would be sufficient.


Grammar has been defined as languages’ structure of expressions and is fundamental to the learning of English. You can’t communicate properly unless you learn the rules of grammar as they make the application of the language possible. Numerous variations of the English language are available based on historical, geographical, cultural and other parameters. But the grammatical framework has stayed similar for most of these parameters. Learning English language through application and web based grammar checking applications is highly helpful since it aids in figuring out the mistakes and then further helps in proofreading by offering solutions at the same time. But it is important that you find best grammar checker tool for English to manage your grammatical errors since most tools available online are of mediocre level.

Numerous tools are available for mobile apps that can be downloaded and installed in phone or tablets. Then there are some that you can easily run in your phone or tablet through a browser such as Noun Plus. Numerous such apps require a specific subscription and sometimes offer free subscription period but unless you are checking for plagiarism, you wouldn’t have to worry about the paid apps. You can simply find best grammar checker tool for English by making a browser search as there are numerous that offer free, no-sign up service. If you have sign up for a service then it takes longer but it is also secure and efficient. But remember to not sign up for any fishy application or website and look for appropriate server and security certificate to confirm that your information is not being stolen.

Furthermore, once you have got the application or are running it online through browser, learn how to use it by checking the user guide. By running through the guide, you will be able to learn how to identify the mistake and how the application offers solutions. By practicing to correct your sentences in the application or online app, you will be able to identify the errors on your own quite easily and it won’t take long either. In fact, consistent practicing will help you identify distinct mistakes by the category such as conjunctions, prepositions, sentence compositions, etc.


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