Nounplus: The best Methods to Check Grammar

Maintaining accurate grammar is a matter of finesse and for writers, it is an indispensable skill that they simply can’t do without. If a writer chooses to be sloppy with his writing, then he’s essentially investing efforts in the demise of his writing ability. Not only professional or hobbyist writers but mere people who require to write as part of their routinely tasks or work (professional or not) need to be assured about their way of writing so their ideas remain eloquent. Here is how using the online grammar checker called Nounplus can help you:


Grammar checker by offers accurate proofreading for spelling errors along with other grammar issues such as conjunctions, uncertainty, error as per usage or application of the term or device of sentence, etc. Furthermore, it highlights what’s wrong with the sentence and then offers suggestion to make it right so your sentence would be appropriate and grammatically correct.

Here is how to use grammar checker by

As you open the Nounplus website, you will see an empty box, like a field with instruction stating write sentences here. You can type your sentence (the one you want to run the grammar checker on) or you can copy and paste your sentence in the field and then click on check or double check option to figure out the mistakes that are in the sentence. If there are no mistakes found, then it won’t show any suggestion and further state that sentence is correct. However, if there are any mistakes detected in the sentence then you can look for the suggested error and then act on the suggestion to fix the sentence.

For instance, if you have made a spelling mistake then it will be shown in a specific color that only highlights spelling issues in Nounplus. The correct spelling will also be listed in the suggestions so you can use either the suggested sentence as your solution or you can make manual changes to your origin content. Nounplus is most suitable for those who have only begun to develop their grammar skills in English as it helps in basic understand of grammatical complaints that are most common such as conjunctions, or uncertainty, etc. Often, new users or learners of English have problem differentiating the error types so Nounplus helps in figuring out the errors separately and enables users to learn the solutions without excessive efforts.


So, those who have recently signed up for Grammar learning or students of young age or specific users who aren’t able to find a specific error in a specific sentence should try using it as its sentence based approach is more focused. Often, numerous similar services run grammar checks on the complete content but that often eliminates an error or two and the haphazard checking doesn’t help the user in understanding every aspect of proofreading. But checking every sentence requires balanced manual as well as software based proofreading and helps in understanding the necessity of observing the errors and correction closely while editing.


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