Creative Ways You Can Improve your Spelling

There is no one in the world who does not wish to speak English with the confidence of Barack Obama and the attitude of Hilary Clinton. However, when you make mistakes while writing, it may shatter the whole image you carved out doing assiduous work. If you do not wish to get completely lost or stumble, it is required to work on your spelling. Here, we are going to share the ways, which can help you a lot to improve your spelling.

Online Tools – Though there are a number, of tools available online to correct you mistakes but it is required to figure out the right one based “spell check” factor. Whenever you find yourself in dilemma regarding the spelling, just switch to these new age tools to consult. Here, you just need to go through the software and put the text inside to get it corrected.


Use mnemonics as it is very useful – whenever you find a kind of tough word that you donot find easy to remember, it is required to add more meaning to make it easier to memorize. You may take help of an image, picture, and sentence to fix it in your mind. Spell Check is of new software to make your English sophisticated.

Read as Much As You Can – Yes!!! There is no substitute. The more you read, the more you come across new words. And gradually, you get loaded with a number of words and their meaning. Later, you will come to know how to speak and what does it mean by.

Start writing – To enhance your vocabulary, you must start writing. You may write up the things you assume occurring surrounding you. When you write, it is required to stuff the content with the new words. This way helps to make you master of this language.

Dictionary Is Must to consider –It has always been a better way to learn as well as know more about spelling. In dictionary, every word is explored in a discreet manner giving examples belong to your daily life.

Learn commonly misspelled words – There are many words are tough to spell. Not only beginner but native speaker may also mistake while speaking.

Make a list of the words you have find trouble with them – The next and easy thing to learn about spellings. One just needs to pen the words, you finding hard to understand.

spell check

Why English Spelling Is Important According To Spell Check by Nounplus.Net

There would be many of you not understanding the value of spelling. Since you are learning the most sought after language, it is required to learn spell as well. These days having, good command over writing is required and high in demand. Whether you are going for updating your Facebook/Twitter, writing monthly report or sending mail, you need written stuff.

It does not matter what about your grammar knowledge but the rule of avoiding mistakes in respects of spell cannot be understatement. Saying would not be wrong that writing has become a part of your life. To put in simple words, it is very important to spell correctly in order to helps others understand you.


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