What is the basic Difference between formal and informal writing?(Infografic)


More than often we use different writing styles while writing official emails and letters to friends. These two basic different styles are termed as formal and informal styles of writing, respectively.

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How to Remove Common Grammatical Errors?

Grammar corrector

Do you find many mistakes in your writing and confuse about it that how to fix all of them within no time? You need to go with the new age tool that makes your content error free.

Nounplus is a great grammar corrector tool since it comes up with various features. It does not only rectify grammar related mistakes, but also pay attention to sentences too. It has emerged as the best tool to increase your knowledge. If you are finding yourself in any kind of dilemma then you must go ahead to check blog where we have explored rules in a discreet manner.

Tips To Ignore the Common Mistakes and Make Your Writing Free-From Mistakes

    • First, you need to take help of Nounplus Grammar checker since it can be a great option to use. Whether it is a professional or learner, they both are using it. The experts have designed it keeping various things in the mind and that is why it works great. Generally, we all have a tendency to make various types of mistakes like singular/plural, s/es, verb agreement or tense related. If you are one of them, who made this type of mistakes, then you must take help of this tool. It corrects your mistakes and highlights them as well. The major advantage is that you get the opportunity to learn from them.
    • The next thing is that you also need to recheck it before submitting it. When you check it having patience, it makes you know where you went wrong. Not only this, but rechecking also increase your knowledge and information as well. It also gives you chance to rectify your content that you wrote earlier. It means your writing will get enhanced. The way of writing becomes impressive.
    • Another thing to avoid mistakes is you must consult with someone having great common over this language. There are many things, which are quite complicated and take the time to understand. The more you discuss, the more you understand.

Who Use This New Age Tool –

Within no time, Nounplus “Grammar corrector for English has been used on large scaled by the English learners and beginners. Not only this, but teachers are also using this tool. It makes your content errors free within no time. For the people who always make many mistakes must use it in order to get your content error free.

The finest thing is that this service is free of cost and does not charge anything from you. Though there are many online tools available, but this one is reliable and quite different from others. To bring the accuracy and efficiency in your writing, nothing can be better software rather than it. It means there is no restriction that you can use this or not. People of all ages having an interest in this language can go with this amazing tool. So, why you should let yourself in any dilemma when the solution is available in front of you?

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Some Common Grammatical Errors and How to rectify them?

Grammar corrector online

No one wishes to make grammar mistakes in writing, but sometimes it happens since the concept is not that much cleared. If you are one of them engaged in the process of learning English, then you need to clear these below mentioned things. Let us have a look.

Common Grammar Mistakes That You Must Not Make In Your Writing

To make your content error free, it is required to understand the things that sound similar or hold the different meaning. Here, we are going to focus on common mistakes. You will also come across that how to correct grammar mistakes online. They all have been explored giving an example. If you still find confusion, then you must use this online tool to get your writing error-free.

  1. Its Vs. It’s

Many people get confused what is the difference between “Its” and “It’s”. Actually, they both are different.

  • “Its” is Possessive.
  • “it’s” stands for “it is”

Example –

  • This storybook is better than its
  • It’s a nice poem.

How to Rectify –

No need to think a lot as you just need to do a “Control + F” to detect this mistake and correct it.

  1. Lie” vs. “Lay”

It’s another thing where many beginners get confused and make mistakes. Let’s understand these two things in a discreet manner.

  • Lie – It means the subject is doing something on her/his own. To put in simple words, it is a verb.
  • Lay – It indicates that the subject is acting on something or someone else.

Example –

  • I lie down on my sofa since I was feeling tired a lot.
  • I lay the book on the table.

How to Rectify –

If you are still in a dilemma then you must take help of NounPlus the best grammar checker online free. It identifies the mistakes and rectifies them.

  1. Then” v. “Than”

Though, they both sound similar but quite different. It (“Then”) is an adverb. It indicates towards something related to time. Check out this example, “First, we will go temple then office.” The use of “then” is indicating about TIME. It means “then” is used for telling the incidence that happens later. The next is “Than”, which used for comparison. For example – “She is taller than you.”

How to Rectify –

Do not forget to read your whole content once again before submitting. It also helps to detect some other mistakes.

  1. Your/you’re

It’s one of the widespread problems and we want you do not make this mistake. “Your” is all about possessions. “Your” is used when something belongs to you. On the other hand, “You’re” stands for “You Are

Example –

  • Your ( Incorrect)
  • Can I have one of you’re pastries? (Incorrect)
  • You’re smart (correct)
  • Can I have one of your books? (correct)

How to Rectify –

You have two options; either you may take help of this language checker online tool or press Control + F.

Keeping the above-mentioned rules in the mind plays a major to make your writing sophisticated. Experts also suggest beginners use this online free tool.

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How To Check Whether The Sentence Is Correct Or Not?

The fact cannot be denied that English is a very confusing as well as very interesting language too. For the beginners, it becomes a bit tougher to understand its rules. If you are keen to learn and wish to hold a great command over it, then you need to start enjoying it. In order to make it a bit more interesting to you, there is an amazing grammar checker tool that you must use to correct your knowledge and lead towards the right direction.

Grammar checker

There is no field where it is not being used. Whether it is study, business or even when you wish to develop your personality to leave a good impression, everywhere it is high in demand. Using incorrect English may let you down. But there is no need to give chances to others to correct you when it can be done with this platform called NOUNPLUS.

Simple Steps to Get Your Content Rectified

If you are new to this platform and have not used it earlier then we are going to tell you that how to check a sentence for correct grammar. It is quite simple and easy. You just need to follow these rules mentioned below.

  • Just login to the official web portal NOUNPLUS.
  • Here, you will find a box indicating to TYPE OR PASTE your content that you want to get checked.
  • After pasting, press the Check
  • It will be corrected within no time.
  • Here, your mistakes will be highlighted and they have been rectified in another box namely OUR SUGGESTION.
  • Now, you can go with the right content without any hesitation.Grammar check

Let’s Check It out How It Works

For example, if you write something like this and you are a tad confused about the grammar, then you must go through this tool to get the correct content.

Written By a Beginner

  • I am not good in English and always take a help plethora of things to sophisticate it right from YouTube videos, digital dictionary, newspaper to books. I have understand that it require a lot of dedication to understand it completely. People who thing that there is a wand of magic to learn are absolutely wrong. It is only constant practice can help to get strong command over it.

Rectified By This Tool

  • I am not good at/for English and always take a help plethora of things to sophisticate it right from YouTube videos, digital dictionary, newspaper to books. I have understood that it requires / required a lot of dedication to understand it completely. People who think that there is a wand of magic to learn are absolutely wrong. It is only constant practice can help to get strong command over it.

Here, we have got how it works. If you are going through this kind of problems and not getting anyone to correct you then you need to use this platform to stay away from grammar related problems.

Sentence checker

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Noun Plus Assures Immaculate English

Need for Online Grammar Checker

Correct Writing correct English is essential and imperative everywhere. From work emails, business letters, texts, tweets to updates in social media; correct English has its own place anywhere and everywhere. Whenever the point of writing comes in one’s mind, other aspect that evolves is to write English in good and accurate language and style.

Writing correct and grammatical error-free content in English is commanding and quite difficult. Moreover checking the accuracy is tiresome and time taking. In order to make lives convenient, there are many free online grammar checkers available in the internet. One of the best software is Noun Plus. Checking correct grammar by nounplus.net ensures flawless and perfect write-ups with zero grammatical errors.


Noun Plus is an online grammar and spelling checker that helps you get rid of poor English writing and grammar errors. It doesn’t allow you to fight and stagger with the language. Checking and monitoring correct grammar by nounplus.net is easy, fast and absolutely free. There are no concealed charges for usage. Moreover, it is absolutely safe and secured. The input used in this checker is never stored or documented for future use.

The usage of Noun Plus is unhindered and the mobile app of the software is compatible in all platforms and operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. About 1 billion people have been estimated to be able to speak the language at least to a basic level. Humans are deficient creatures and owing to the massive usage of the language it has inadvertently become the source for much inaccuracy.

Objectives of Noun Plus

The intent of this website is to improve the quality of all documents that is placed into it.For polishing one’s skill and grammar one should proof read the documents before sending anything. For it, spelling and grammar check can be checked by Noun Plus with hundred percent accuracy and precision. Noun Plus also aim at making communication easy, less complex and comprehensive. It also enhances and upgrades individual writing skills by highlighting errors and suggesting best possible ways of restructuring. Noun Plus is principally a grammar dictionary. It can rectify the various grammatical blunders, help a person to determine when to use the correct tense, noun, verb, punctuation, conjunction and preposition. Learning English grammar and using it appropriately takes a lot of time, energy, and rehearsal. Be positive and proactive about practicing one’s grammar, reading, and writing skills and you’ll begin seeing more enhancement and up gradation.

Noun Plus eases and eliminates glitches or anomalies with regards to the language and proper grammar in the texts and documents. This tool can also be immensely helpful for those to whom English is a second language rather than their native language. On the flip side, even the best of us with a spotless grasp on the language are scarcely flawless and the software can help in double checking any document of import.

Noun Plus ensures accuracy, efficiency and reliability. This free software is dilutes a very complex and confusing language into simple and precise ones.

How to find free online English grammar correction tool?

English is considered as an international language. Since internet has made it possible to do business with people residing in different countries, knowledge of English can be a great tool to communicate an idea with desired group of people.

Whether you are a student, businessperson, or simple a writer, you always need to write something in English language. The only hurdle, experienced by many individuals while writing something in English, is how to use write grammar.

If you are also facing such a situation, you need virtual help i.e. a grammar correction tool. Now, the question arises here how you can find a free online English grammar correction tool. So, let’s find out the answer.

Do Research

There are endless choices available to choose from when it comes to grammar correction tools or software, but choosing a right option is still a tough task to accomplish. Hence, it is highly suggested that before making a concluding decision, you first need to do a little research.

Now you may ask how to perform research? It is quite easy. You need to take help from the internet. You must go through several reviews, testimonials, and even check out customer feedback. This way, you can be able to short list a few top grammar tools online.

Free Vs Paid

There are two options available to go with in terms of grammar checker tool i.e. free and paid. Both options come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Now, it will depend of which type of option you would like to choose.

It is better if you choose free option as you need to check out its overall performance. In case of choosing a paid option at initial testing, you may have to repent on your decision. Hence, it is highly recommended that before deciding to go with a paid version or premium services, you need to check out basic free services.

However, choosing a free online English grammar correction tool is not a bad idea, but if you are looking for additional features, you must upgrade to premium membership.

Consider Features

However, there are tons sites available that claim to offer high-end grammar tools for free, but when it comes to reality, many of them provide nothing else but a flashy system. Therefore, it is recommended that before finalizing a tool, you mustn’t forget checking out its overall features.


Determining features of a grammar check tool is needed if you don’t want to end up with a frustrating system. Now, the question arises what features you need to consider. You need to consider a few features, including, grammar correction, auto sentence correction, auto suggestions for punctuation, etc.

Do You Really Need It?

You shouldn’t forget asking this question to yourself if you want to choose a right free online English grammar correction tool.

You aren’t supposed to choose something that you really don’t need. So, you must first calculate your overall needs, and then make a decision.

In concise, if you keep aforementioned tips and ideas in mind, you will be able to choose a right option to start an error-free writing journey.

NOUNPLUS: The Easy Way to Check Grammar

The basics of English include perfect grammar. Grammar is the fundamental framework in absence of which communication through this language will be hindered in terms of quality. Often touted as confusing, Grammar is ironically easy and can also be simply learned through practical means of grammar Checker. The Grammar checking tool allows users to check for any small and big grammatical mistakes such as typographical problems, errors regarding conjunctions, wrong sentence composition, punctuations, etc. The checker tool often highlights the problem along with offering options for solution as to how the write sentence should sound like. So, this tool not only spots the flaws but also corrects them and enables easy learning on the user’s part. So, if you are looking for a digital checker for grammar and spelling corrections, using such tools will definitely save your time.

To check grammar and spelling, you can simply access Internet and look for any free of cost online grammar corrector. Grammar correction is done in the most analytical yet simpler way and can be effectively used anytime to resolve any grammatical problem. If you are confused about your sentences or don’t understand specific rules of grammar then double-checking your sentences by using the grammar corrector will help you in honing your skills and finding the flaws.

Check grammar and spelling for better, persuasive writing

When writing a piece or an article, report or essay, etc, the writer’s aim is to elaborate all of the information and then provide the ideas that will influence the reader’s mind and enable them to think of relevant information. Thus, the writing style needs to be persuasive whether or not one is trying to sell a particular product. Being persuasive or objective in writing is not hard at all as long as the writer can follow the basics easily. In simpler words, if you are the writer and are confused with specific conjunctions, punctuation marks the readability, accuracy and overall quality of your piece will suffer. This is why all publishing and other companies include intensive proofreading so there is absolutely no room for mistakes.

Impeccable writing is not only eloquent ideas but also sophisticated language that is not too flowery or fancy and is easy to understand, concise and focuses at the central idea. Using perfect grammar enhances the chance of better understanding as it strengthens the basic communication. So if you are making simpler mistakes like using ‘as’ instead of ‘but’ and applying present tense and then abruptly changing to past tense where there is no requirement of it, your reader wouldn’t want to continue reading it due to all these petty mistakes.

This tool is not only effective for individuals who often use digital content but also for students who can get immediate checks on their writing assignments. Even teachers can make use of the tool to get the grammatical errors spotted out fast. This tool is highly productive, time saving and cost effective and doesn’t require the user to be an expert of language either.