Some Common Grammatical Errors and How to rectify them?

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No one wishes to make grammar mistakes in writing, but sometimes it happens since the concept is not that much cleared. If you are one of them engaged in the process of learning English, then you need to clear these below mentioned things. Let us have a look.

Common Grammar Mistakes That You Must Not Make In Your Writing

To make your content error free, it is required to understand the things that sound similar or hold the different meaning. Here, we are going to focus on common mistakes. You will also come across that how to correct grammar mistakes online. They all have been explored giving an example. If you still find confusion, then you must use this online tool to get your writing error-free.

  1. Its Vs. It’s

Many people get confused what is the difference between “Its” and “It’s”. Actually, they both are different.

  • “Its” is Possessive.
  • “it’s” stands for “it is”

Example –

  • This storybook is better than its
  • It’s a nice poem.

How to Rectify –

No need to think a lot as you just need to do a “Control + F” to detect this mistake and correct it.

  1. Lie” vs. “Lay”

It’s another thing where many beginners get confused and make mistakes. Let’s understand these two things in a discreet manner.

  • Lie – It means the subject is doing something on her/his own. To put in simple words, it is a verb.
  • Lay – It indicates that the subject is acting on something or someone else.

Example –

  • I lie down on my sofa since I was feeling tired a lot.
  • I lay the book on the table.

How to Rectify –

If you are still in a dilemma then you must take help of NounPlus the best grammar checker online free. It identifies the mistakes and rectifies them.

  1. Then” v. “Than”

Though, they both sound similar but quite different. It (“Then”) is an adverb. It indicates towards something related to time. Check out this example, “First, we will go temple then office.” The use of “then” is indicating about TIME. It means “then” is used for telling the incidence that happens later. The next is “Than”, which used for comparison. For example – “She is taller than you.”

How to Rectify –

Do not forget to read your whole content once again before submitting. It also helps to detect some other mistakes.

  1. Your/you’re

It’s one of the widespread problems and we want you do not make this mistake. “Your” is all about possessions. “Your” is used when something belongs to you. On the other hand, “You’re” stands for “You Are

Example –

  • Your ( Incorrect)
  • Can I have one of you’re pastries? (Incorrect)
  • You’re smart (correct)
  • Can I have one of your books? (correct)

How to Rectify –

You have two options; either you may take help of this language checker online tool or press Control + F.

Keeping the above-mentioned rules in the mind plays a major to make your writing sophisticated. Experts also suggest beginners use this online free tool.

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